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Receiving   all   shipments   from    domestic   inland   carriers   consigned   to

 Seiyo Global Logistics (Asia) Ltd. for the accounts  of shipper/ consignee:  


 •    Performing a physical examination of the package to determine any evidence of damage, tampering or other exceptional condition which may affect the acceptability of shipments.  


 •    Tallying and verifying the number of pieces (packages) received collating with    Delivery  Receipt and/or Packing List of relevant documents.    

      •    Preparing a Warehouse Receipt indicating:    

      •    Shipper’s P.O. number or  reference number    

      •    Lot number    

      •    Quantity of packages (or pieces) received    

      •    Description of item    

      •    Kind of packaging    

      •    Weight  

      •    Measurement and total cubic feet  

      •    Shipper and Consignee  

      •    Domestic routing  carrier    

      •    Remarks    


•    Segregating    and    temporarily    storing    each    shipment    at                                    staging    area    for    consolidation    of    direct    shipping    in                                    accordance    with:    


       •    Destination of project    

       •    Hazardous class and label as applicable    

       •    Special instruction by shippers/consignees    


•    Picking up empty containers from ocean-going carrier’s    container yard and delivering it to the pier at the port after stuffing cargo into a container.    

    Stuffing cargo into the container by blocking,    bracing and securing cargo in accordance with container    Pre-load plan.    

•    Securing a    copy of    Container    Manifest to the inside of container door prior to closing and sealing of the door.  

    Preparing    Dock    Receipt for delivery of the loaded container to ocean carriers’    terminals or    C.Y.    stations •    Providing special handling services for inspection prior to the release of cargo from storage area as instructed by shipper/consignee.    

•    Other related services in connection with    Forwarding,                                    Warehousing,    Consolidating and    Overseas    Movement of                                                    Freight.        


•    Providing    export    packing    services,    as    required



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