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•    Examining instructions and documents received from shippers, suppliers, and/or manufacturers for export shipments.

•    Ordering or instructing cargo to port/door.

•    Preparing or processing Export Declarations.  

•    Booking cargo space with  Ocean Carriers of FCL shipment or arranging own console of LCL cargo for  Worldwide traffic.

•    Preparing and/or processing Delivery Orders and Dock Receipts.    

•    Preparing and/or processing Bills of Lading.    

•    Preparing and/or processing Consular Documents and arranging for their Certification.    

•    Arranging for and/or furnishing Warehouse Storage when necessary.    

•    Arranging for    Insurance when so instructed.    

•    Clearing of shipments in accordance with Hong Kong Government Regulations.  

 •    Rendering special services on unusual shipments or when difficulties in transit arise.    

•    Giving expert advice to exporters/shippers with regard to Letters of Credits,    Licenses and/or Inspections.

•    Expediting and monitoring all freight from the supply source to the final destination keeping shipper informed.

•    Tracing individual package of freight if any discrepancy occurred in transit.






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